Science Saturdays

29 12 2007


This is what I was working on at the forge last week. I made four of the long hooks and twenty-two of the short ones. The long ones will suspend an old ladder from our customers’ kitchen ceiling and the short ones will be used for hanging pots and pans from the ladder. A repetitive, but fun project. Walt is working on a fantastic firescreen, which I will try to photograph before it leaves the shop.

I’ve come to think of Saturdays at the forge as my math and science days. Walt and I tend to talk about math or science or astronomy during our mid-morning break, which I LOVE. Actually, I know very little about those topics, but Walt knows alot and he shares. Today in Ask Walt About Math, I got a little lesson on the golden ratio and Fibonacci’s sequence. I had already learned some from Wikipedia and The Mathematical Experience (a book), but Walt fills in the gaps and helps me with the basic algebra. It’s an absolute joy, and I don’t complain about warming my feet in front of the wood stove either.




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