White Christmas

21 12 2007

I see that the kids across the alley behind our house are taking no chances on a white Christmas. The oldest one is probably in 5th or 6th grade and he has put together a homemade snow making machine on their back deck. Their back yard is about fiften feet square, so his little invention actually covers most of it with a thin layer of snow.

 I really like this kid and his brother because they’re always up to something interesting. They shoot baskets in the alley almost all year round and they get their basketball stuck between the backboard and the garage every so often. I love this because it gives me an opportunity to save the day by setting up a ladder and knocking it down with my shop broom. They think I’m the slightly odd old lady across the alley and I think they’re total geeks. The oldest one dressed up as King Claudius from Hamlet a couple of Halloweens ago. Tell me you’ve seen that before!

Anyway, if you decide you want to build a snow machine, it looks pretty easy. Just run to the hardware store for some plumbing parts, a small air compressor and a garden hose. You’ll either be making snow or digging an ice plug out of the hose in no time.




One response

21 12 2007

Buy a pump and a big barrel as well, then go to the liquor store and get tequila and limes and grand marnier and triple sec and a bunch of ice and you can make margaritas for the whole neighborhood. Spray it all over everyone. That would make for a memorable Christmas (if only the participants could remember it).

You’d be Margaritius The Goddess.

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