Which Brings Me to Words…

13 12 2007

Maybe I’ve had too much coffee, but I’ve been meaning to write about CNN’s Word of the Year. Actually, I’m not sure that the folks at CNN chose it. Maybe they were simply reporting on it. The word is W00t. It’s computer geek speak for an excellent turn of events or other positive experience. For example: “W00t! I finally figured out how to make that text show up on the page, then disappear when the movie plays.” (Disclaimer: I don’t actually know how to do that. It’s wishful thinking.)

Anyway, I’m feeling a little cynical about declaring W00t as the word of the year. I’ll bring it up at the forge today to see what my fellow blacksmiths think. Perhaps it ought to be a word like subprime or IED. W00t is kind of sexy, but it’s been around for awhile and I’m not sure it’s all that relevant to our experiences of 2007. Feel free to comment.




One response

14 12 2007

And for a fun read about items geeks think are cool, check out http://www.woot.com. Mind you, if you want to buy one of the great deals they almost always have, you’ll have to get up early because they’re usually sold out very early in the day. Also, wine.woot.com.

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