Moving Stones

7 12 2007


this is a handrail that kate built a couple of months ago. the detail at the end of the rail is very unique and i think it turned out well. the tough part was probably punching the holes in the posts and then threading the top rail through them. those holes are made with a big punch and alot of hand hammering, so they are no easy thing. way to go kate.

i’m writing in lower case because i spent about an hour grinding a bevel into an 8′ long top rail this morning with our big, old grinder. my arms are too tired and sore to lift to the keyboard, so i’m typing with my nose. it was tough at first, but i’m getting the hang of it. i had to drive home from the shop by steering with my knees. it’s a good thing there wasn’t much traffic.

but besides showing you a photo of this nice set of handrails that kate made, i wanted to mention those stone steps. walt and i went out to touch up a couple of places in the paint, and i asked the owner how he had moved these huge stones into place. “oh”, he said, “you’ll have to ask margaret. she built them.” i should point out that they are old german baptist, which means they look amish or mennonite. margaret wears a demure little white cap to cover her hair and she wears dresses. and sensible shoes. i’d guess she’s about my age and she raises grass fed chickens to sell at the farmers market. she’s pretty and friendly and she moved these enormous stone steps into place because she wanted stone steps.

i must find a way to interview her. this blog is such a great excuse to question people.




3 responses

7 12 2007

Gotta find Margaret! Must find Margaret!

8 12 2007

It’s a beautiful railing (tell Kate) and a beautiful set of stones.

Hard work brings redemption, so they say . . . .

9 12 2007

you have read archie and mehitabel?

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