1 12 2007

The Times Square area of Manhattan is definitely suffering overpopulation right now. I expected crowds, but I’ve seen walls of slow moving people today, so our venture over to the east side was a relief.

Because parts of the subway line are under construction, our attempts at public transportation to Battery Park failed and even the cab ride failed. So we bailed out of the cab north of Battery Park City and walked past the gut wrenching trench at ground zero to get to Battery Park. Unfortunately, about a thousand others made it there first, so we abandoned the Ellis Island plan and hopped the subway north to Times Square. We burned a few calories elbowing the crowds to get to Ray’s Pizza for a tremendous lunch.

I will say that the American Craft Museum may be my favorite of the trip. The Pricked: Extreme Embroidery exhibit was witty, creative and so “of the times”. Then a trip to Leonidas on Madison for a couple of pounds of chocolate and a stroll down Lexington to Grand Central Station. That was well worth the walk and topped off by a stop at Rain or Shine, an umbrella shop specializing in handmade English and Italian umbrellas. You need one of these and I don’t have time to locate their website, but it’s worth a Google.

 Now it’s off to the Russian place for dinner, followed by a concert at Carnegie. Let’s hope they stay away from the Prokofiev.




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1 12 2007

This is good. I can live vicariously through you as you negotiate New York. Thanks.

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