Running in Central Park

30 11 2007

We went for a run in Central Park this morning, which is one of the many things I love to do in New York. It still looks like fall, with lots of yellow and orange leaves still on the trees, and everyone out walking their dogs. Sometimes I run on the road through the park, but today was a cross country adventure on the smaller paths winding through the trees. It was a gorgeous morning, perfect for a jaunt in the park.

I like to follow the run with a visit to one of the little stores on the side streets that sell toasted bagels and coffee. The counter guys are always brusque, but they offer chewy bagels and good coffee, and I stand in line, elbow to elbow with the local folks on their way to work.

Today we’ll head out to the Museum of Natural History, followed by further exploration of the city and the New York Philharmonic tonight.




One response

30 11 2007

H&H Bagels, approximately 75th and Broadway will put the CP bagel vendors to shame. Get your bagels there. Zabars is approximately next door . . . get your lox and cream cheese there.

Then go to Murray’s Sturgeon shop for the incredible borscht and schav (and lox and so forth that’s better than Zabars’).

Better yet, go for breakfast to Barney Greengrass at 97th and Amsterdam. Even better borscht and great lox, bagels (H&H) and brusque waiters.

The running? It’s hard on your knees.

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