The Hand of a Furniture Maker

29 11 2007

Rick’s Hand

This is my friend Rick Stein. He is a furniture maker and I hope to someday own a piece that he has made. His work is a joy to look at, but I can only really understand it by touching it. Every time I visit his shop, I am reminded that god is in the details. Sometimes I go to his website just for the joy of looking at his work, much like I do with paintings at various museum websites. You can see his work here: Rick Stein Furniture.  The redwood coffee table sits in his shop under a cover and I always stop to look when I’m there.

Here’s what he had to say about some things:

Egghead: Please list your last six professions or jobs.

Rick: In reverse order:
furniture maker
bicycle shop owner
hardware store clerk
framing carpenter

I haven’t had many jobs. I started the store (Rick’s Bike Shop) when I was 23.

Egghead: You’ve built many pieces of furniture in the past few years. Which is your favorite and why?

Rick: Usually the most recent one unless I hate it, which sometimes happens. But as a group, I like best the ones I’ve given Mary because she is so appreciative.

Egghead: How’s it going with the torch welding?

Rick:  I don’t need to weld often, so don’t get much practice. I should probably get some scrap steel and simply weld for practice.

Egghead: What was your most recent eBay purchase?

Rick: Three Japanese chisels and a Japanese hammer (one auction lot). 

Egghead: You’re a connoisseur of Hostess cupcakes. When resupplying your cupcake stock, how do you select the best specimans?

Rick: If examining an individually wrapped cupcake, you perform the “slime” test. Lightly press the cellophane against the icing. If it “sticks” and appears moist and slimey . . . that’s   . . .good . . .If the icing is light brown, and has dry looking cracks . . . that’s . . . bad!




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