21 11 2007


You can’t walk up to just anyone in the office and ask permission to measure their waist, but Julie’s a very good sport. She demonstrates her tolerance three days a week when I put my face right up to her belly and talk to baby Thor. I think it’s a girl and I call her Thor. Waiting for Thor’s arrival has been like getting a large Amazon box on the front porch, but having to wait six months to see what you got. I like to wish Thor good morning so she’ll know she has friends when she arrives.

But back to Julie’s waist. It’s 44 inches and growing. That wasn’t a typo, it really is almost four feet around Julie’s midsection. Every time I see her, I marvel that she’s been able to expand that much. It’s like a science experiment and I can hardly believe what’s happening. If things keep going as they have been, Thor’s going to be ready for a bicycle by the time she arrives. (Don’t worry Thor, I’ll be sure you don’t get a Huffy. Auntie Egghead will look out for you.)

By the way, Julie’s gorgeous, but I’m not very good with the camera. She’s a fashion queen and she knows how to accessorize. I consider that a real talent.




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