Venn Diagrams

20 11 2007

If you feel the need to waste a half hour laughing, take a look at my new favorite blog: Indexed

Jennifer Hagy, creator of Indexed, has drawn a series of Venn diagrams and line charts on index cards. They’re brilliant and I think I’ll see if she’s willing to be interviewed. I wish I had thought of it. Actually, I wish I had had even one decent idea today.

And because I love Wikipedia too: Venn diagrams are illustrations used in the branch of mathematics known as set theory. They show all of the possible mathematical or logical relationships between sets (groups of things).




One response

20 11 2007

Indexed is brilliant!

Okay, now for my next suggestion: any time you mention another site, make it a link. First type the name of the other site in your blog, such as “indexed.” Then open a new tab or window for that site, highlight the url and do ctrl-c, then go back to your blog entry, switch to the code tab within the new post, highlight “indexed” and click on the link button. A box will open, so you’ll go to that box and do ctrl-v to put the address in. Then go back to the visual view to continue writing your blog. Do this also for the definitions you put in–the links you have there don’t work.

Bossy, bossy, bossy.

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