Lost and Found

15 11 2007

LOST: Graylin Smith. About 6′ tall, smooth head, brown eyes, big grin. Could be anywhere.

Graylin has recently changed jobs and I didn’t get a phone number or email address. He’s a total jazz head, so an honorary member of the Desperately Seeking New Music Club. I’ve met loads of people and made lots of friends at Payless, and Graylin was always a bright spot. So Graylin, if you’re out there and checking my blog, I have new music, so send me a message.

FOUND: Nikki Colorado and her most excellent sense of humor. Just so you can understand why she always makes me laugh, here’s what she has to say about her husband’s retirement from the National Guard. I think he was a tank mechanic. I’m pretty sure I don’t have him confused with the other tank mechanics I know.

Wish you could see Henry.  Since he retired a year ago he’s only received 2 minor hair cuts.  He currently looks somewhat like Jerry Garcia, and/or a crazy homeless person.  His hair is real wiry & pouffy.  Maybe he’s growing it for “locks of love”.  Some little child will look strange with that gray mop on their head, but I guess if you’re desperate, any hair will do.




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