Egghead Gets An Egg Cup

15 11 2007

My friend Priscilla grew up on the east coast in a household that used salt cellars, cloth napkins and egg cups. So when she was in Iola, Kansas this week and spied an egg cup in an antique store, she thought of her old pal Egghead and brought it home for me.

I’m not sure that you can tell from the above photo, but it has a little rooster painted on the side, a nice barnyard scene for me to enjoy. She also demonstrated how the egg cup is used, since I didn’t grow up with them. Why, back when I was a kid we ate outside on a stump in the front yard. Just kidding.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to pieces with the thing and I’ll definitely have a soft boiled egg with toast for breakfast in the morning. Thanks Priscilla!




One response

15 11 2007

You’re welcome! Here’s a link to one way to use it.

This is a double egg cup (I think) in that it has two ends you can use. If you scoop the egg into the big end, you can dip toast into it. Yum.


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