The Hand of a Blacksmith

13 11 2007

I work for Walt Hull, owner of the above hand. He’s a blacksmith and so am I. He’s also a linguist, math whiz and all around interesting guy. He was kind enough to answer a couple of questions, though he’s actually answered about a million of my questions. These just happen to be the questions for today. Don’t worry Walt, I’ll have a whole new round of ’em for you on Thursday.

1. Blacksmithing involves alot of heavy lifting, both physically and mentally. What are your favorite things about a day at the forge?

Some days don’t have a favorite thing.  But when all the lifting goes together and the plan pans out, that’s pretty cool.

2. We’ve completed lots of projects this year. Which was your favorite?

Ah, the years all flow together.  But maybe the deck rails at 820 O.  I’m probably overlooking something.

(Walt’s referring to a deck railing at 820 Ohio St. in Lawrence. We’ve done alot of work for this homeowner, all of which I really like, but the deck rails are pretty darned good. – Egghead, Jr.)

3. Freestate Brewery named a beer after you. I guess that means you’ve spent a little time sampling their fare. So, is the Ironman Stout your favorite?

Actually, it’s a bit big for a daily tipple.  I’m really fond of the oatmeal.  And I neglect the Ad Astra, which is a marvellous beer.  The Ironman is a sentimental favorite.

4. I know you just finished reading The Great Gatsby because I loaned it to you. So, what are you reading now?

I’ve been grazing on some “Talk of the Town” pieces from the New Yorker.  Trying to decide to take another run at “The Making of the Atomic Bomb,” or hope something else turns up.




2 responses

16 11 2007

Do you have Walt’s email address?

16 11 2007

The picture is great, but we’re going to work on getting it right in the page instead of on the photos page. Saturday?

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