Michael Clayton: the movie

11 11 2007

It’s another good story starring George Clooney. Of course, it could be The Three Little Pigs and it would be just fine so long as we get to look at George Clooney. This is another retelling of the dog eared story about a Cleaner whose own life is far more messed up than anything he’s having to fix for other people. So, it’s worth seeing, but get it from Netflix and save yourself two hours in an uncomfortable theater seat.

Should I change my site from Egghead Jr. to The Curmudgeonly Critic? Actually, I wrote the above paragraph last weekend when I saw the movie. We have three different grinders at the shop and I was tempted to photo my favorite and tell you all about it, but I’m pretty sure you’d be terribly confused and/or bored. So you get the George Clooney thing instead. Have you listened to The Shins yet???

Coming Soon: Hands 




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