What is it with this blogging, anyway?

7 11 2007

Since being told in no uncertain terms that I’m writing “rubbish” and that I ought to write something that people would be interested in reading, I’m thinking a little more about this blogging stuff. No writer in the world has thick enough skin to feel good when their work is called rubbish. Perhaps those insults are inevitable if you’re putting your words out there for everyone to see, but it would make anyone a little jumpy for the next few posts.

However, since I am not now, nor will I ever burden you with an analysis of the writings of Thomas Paine, let’s just talk about blog-worthy content. I checked with Mary “No Software Too Scary” Howe, for a few of her fave blogs, just to see what the “real” writers have to say. One of her favorites is http://kk.org/cooltools/. Kevin Kelly pretty much covers it all, though he starts us off easy with reviews of various tools and other handy items. He veers off from there with a page on homemade wheeled conveyances and another on true films, one on interviews, and a whole slew of Asian photos. I’d love to interview this guy.

Another of Mary’s favorites is http://www.crankyfitness.com/, which is amusing, but not as good as the yoga site where they use pliable action figures like Gumby and Spiderman to illustrate yoga moves, along with action figure dialogue to tell you just how much it’s gonna hurt. Mary’s also a fan of http://www.fussy.org/, which always makes me laugh.

OK, so what I’m really getting at is that most of these bloggers are not addressing world hunger or organizing international peacekeeping missions. They’re just blathering on about whatever is taking up space in their brain today. And they often make lots of people laugh, which has some real value in my book.




2 responses

7 11 2007
Crabby McSlacker

Note to self: Must find Gumby Yoga Action Figures for Blog!

8 11 2007

To clarify, the yoga blog in question is yogabeans.

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