Life, The Universe, and Everything

4 11 2007

I received a remarkably vitriolic email from a friend this morning, in response to my last few entries (or maybe all of them). It was filled with such hateful remarks that, after picking myself up off the floor, I feel the need to explain a few things about Life, The Universe, and Everything.

 Going back to my first entry, “Oh hooray, here is my chance to write incessantly about the nothingness blaring in my head.”, I think this states pretty clearly that I’m not attempting to say anything earthshaking. I’ll be writing about whatever is on my mind in the five or ten minutes I’ve set aside for blogging. I hope my entries will sometimes make you laugh, and my sister is kind enough to laugh even if I’m not funny. However, I’m warning you that my words may be offensive, boring, unintelligible, depressing, cruel, or all of the above. My grammar may be terrible, my punctuation apaling, and my speling pore, but I’m OK with that. If you’re not, you have my express permission to stop reading. You can stop reading the moment you start to feel uncomfortable, or you can simply remove my url from your list and never return. (I think this is the electronic equivalent of showing you to the door.)

Having said all that, I enjoy your comments and I hope that those of you who can lighten up enough to have a laugh over my entries will continue to contribute. I have editorial control over everything on this site and I will approve any comments that seem appropriate according to my own vague and subjective standards. And yes, there are double standards; I can make hurtful comments about Mark Mangino’s weight, but I won’t publish your hurtful comments directed at me. See – isn’t this a great world?




3 responses

5 11 2007

It is hard to believe that anyone would respond vitriolically to anything that you have written in your blog. It probably says more about him or her than about you or your blog.

You will recall the notion that “When someone responds disporportionately to something, he or she is really responding to something else.” What that something else is I really have no idea, since I do not know the response or, for that matter, what it was to which the vitriol responded.

Don’t stop writing. Pretty please with sugar on top.

6 11 2007

I’m with foghorn on this. Anyone who doesn’t like your blog doesn’t have to read it. Just leave it alone for those of us who do.

7 11 2007

I so enjoy your blog! And it’s ridiculous to think of you censoring what you have to say – isn’t it YOUR blog? Go, Egghead!

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