The Last Supper

1 11 2007

Since I didn’t do much to celebrate Halloween, a holiday when I would normally eat my body weight in chocolate, I’ve decided to kick off National Blog Posting Month with a little commentary on the following website:

My sister sent this to me, along with the observation that one inmate requested a jar of pickles for his last meal, while another requested a birthday cake with seven candles. (Doesn’t that make you wonder what happened on this guy’s seventh birthday?) I noticed that several had requested Diet Cokes – watching their girlish figure to the very end. Of course, they were washing down multiple hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries, chicken fried steak with gravy and all sorts of other artery clogging items with that Diet Coke. The only requests missing were for large doses of chocolate, probably because there aren’t alot of women on death row.

 But the burning question in my mind, other than why the Texas Department of Criminal Justice would go to the trouble of maintaining this page, is what happens to The Last Supper when the switch is flipped?




2 responses

1 11 2007

The best part of this website is clicking on what they were convicted of to see if it goes with the food they’ve chosen for their last meal. Once they’ve eaten it, I don’t want to know if it goes to the grave with them! I love this website!

7 11 2007

The ones that fascinated me were these requests:

Justice, Temperance, and Mercy
Eucharist — Sacrament
Justice, Equality, World Peace

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