Roach Coach

26 09 2007

I seem to be talking alot about food lately, so it’s possible that I’ll look like the Goodyear blimp floating in over Lawrence by the time you see me next.

However, I am thrilled to discover that the roach coach that shows up regularly in a parking lot just down the street from where I work serves knock your socks off tacos. Well, we’ll see just how knock your socks off they really are. There may be further blogging if my stomach stages a mutiny in the next couple of hours. The conventional wisdom is that one should always avoid these roach coaches, but my philosophy is “Be brave, be bold”. After all, I’d hate to miss out on the possibility of something fantastic.

Before any ramifications can manifest, let me just say that I had beef tacos on homemade tortillas (Two tortillas per taco to stand up to the heft of ingredients. I really appreciate the fact that they didn’t expect me to wear my lunch for the rest of the day.) Anyway, the owners didn’t seem to speak a word of English and they were doing the cooking on a little stove in the “coach”. The beef was marinated and served on the tortillas with lots of cilantro and cabbage, but no onion. The sauce served on the side was on the high end of hot, but incredibly flavorful – not a salsa at all. I’m tellin’ ya, these things were good, and one more reason to appreciate this fantastic work at Payless ShoeSource in lovely Topeka, KS. 




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26 09 2007

I’m getting hungry

11 10 2007

Google “taco trucks”…you’re not alone in your appreciation for a good taco.

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