That was good eatin’

18 09 2007

Just to demonstrate how quickly I can be sidetracked, I was poised to begin typing about food when it occurred to me that I ought to know the difference between further and farther.  It turns out that farther refers to length or distance while further refers to time or amount. Just so you know.

Now, I was starting to say just what a wonderful meal I had on Sunday evening with David Frayer and friends. I’m telling you, that man can cook. We started with a spicy gazpacho made from his own garden produce and which caused my eyes to roll back in my head. Really, it had that intense tomato flavor and smell that you can only get from tomatoes that have never been near a refrigerator. But the tomato acidity was balanced out by god-only-knows-what, as well as just enough spiciness to make you feel like there’s really no need to ever eat anything else. Then he brought out the Spanish Pork Braise (check out if you dare).

I’m not that much of a garbanzo bean fan, so I was a little concerned when he brought out a huge dish of those, but they were followed by a heavy pan filled with tomato goo and lumps, which turned out to be the pork braise. Excuse me while I get a napkin to wipe my chin. The very memory makes me drool. Anyway, he smothered a heap of the beans in the red goo and pork chop, then sprinkled the thing with a lovely gremolata. As if that wasn’t enough, the plate was finished off with tender little brussels sprouts, steamed just enough to remove the bitterness, then sauteed in butter with red pepper flakes. Really, it was a Krause experience. And he finished the meal with homemade maple syrup ice cream topped with fresh blueberries.

Now that I think about it, maybe I should give the cook an alias so you can’t call him and take my place at the table…




One response

19 09 2007

There is just nothing like a meal where everything is something you want simply to keep eating. Like North Carolina barbecue with coleslaw and hush puppies. My mouth is watering reading about that pork braise meal.

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