Priscilla’s Birthday

31 08 2007

Egghead: Happy birthday Priscilla. What’s the plan for tonight?

PPH: Tonight we’re going to Daniel’s BBQ in Tonganoxie KS to see if it’s as good as I remember. I was there earlier this summer for a performance. (Egghead: Priscilla is a well known professional storyteller. See They served great fries in those waxed paper bags…

Egghead: By the way Priscilla, what’s your full name?

PPH: (after a long pause) I decline to answer.

Egghead: OK, do you have any nicknames?

PPH: (immediately) Declined on obstructionist principles. However, my friends sometimes call me “The Priscillitator”.

Egghead: How’s it going with your search for the best chili relleno, and how many do you think you’ve sampled?

PPH: I had an intense week of testing in which I had 8. That is, 8 different chili rellenos in a week. Probably the best so far was in Alamosa CO. I think the place was called Oscar’s, but I might be wrong about that. It was smothered in green chili with pork, not too cheesy and the flavor was fabulous. The worst were in Arkansas City KS and Independence MO. I couldn’t locate the pepper at the place in Independence. It was an oil slick. Do you ever look at It had a recipe for chili relleno that included hamburger. I think that would be an error.

Egghead: Now, you’re also on a quest for pie when you’re traveling, aren’t you? Will you share your secrets?

PPH: I’m not big on cream pie, no peanut butter pie and I rarely order pecan. I generally go for the fruit pies. I love a good peach pie, though they can be gluey. Here’s the thing: I always order gooseberry if it’s on the menu, because they’re never frozen. Even in the worst case, they used canned gooseberries and a home made crust.

Egghead: What makes you laugh ’til you cry?

PPH: My sister, Mary. And my sister Deb. And Faith. And my brother, Tom. Oh, my whole family. They can all do it.

Egghead: Are you reading anything these days?

PPH: Story by Robert McKee, Berte As Grans Pies (French folktale), and At Large & At Small by Anne Fadiman.

Egghead: Anything exciting in your fridge?

PPH: Blueberry-pomegranate juice and the makings for mesquite turkey quesadillas.

Egghead: Thanks Priscilla, it looks like it’s time to head out to Daniel’s.




2 responses

31 08 2007

I’m shocked that P doesn’t like her middle name. And happy to know that there’s an Anne Fadiman book I haven’t read. (She’s married to one of our cousins, so even though we don’t know her, we’re terribly proud of her wonderful writing.)

31 08 2007

I DO like my middle name! I just didn’t want it in the interview.

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