Life’s Mysteries/Miseries

27 08 2007

Life is certainly mysterious, with plenty of serious questions to ponder, but today’s mystery is instant coffee. I had a phone call this morning from a bleary eyed friend who is visiting his mother and stumbled out of bed only to discover that she was serving instant coffee. Instant coffee??? What happened there? I’m sure it was developed for a space mission or something, but it’s puzzling to me that the stuff is still available in the supermarket. That means alot of people buy it, but…why? I’d really like to see the manufacturers’ market demographic studies. And think about their marketing meetings: 09:00 sharp, everyone with their steaming cup of Starbuck’s java, debating the latest marketing campaign for Folger’s Instant Decaf. Wow, that’ll knock you back a step.




2 responses

27 08 2007

Faced with no coffee at all or a mug of instant coffee, I would be hard pressed to handle that ultimatum without my freshly brewed fully loaded cuppa’ joe to get my brain going.

27 08 2007

The local coffee house’s coffee is certainly better, although Amsterdam coffeeshops’ coffee is better still.

Yet the chance of getting one seriously injured driving to the coffee house is substantial, particularly if one hasn’t had a cup, must certainly weigh on every coffee drinker’s mind. And in terms of sheer chemistry, perhaps instant coffee is every bit as potent as a $4.00 skinny grande latte with wings.

Maybe mother does know best, though by the time in life when one so concludes, mother is beginning to know somewhat less, and mother’s expression is perhaps elliptical or just plain elusive. May even illusive . . . .

Such is life’s mystery . . . or as Gen Y likes to say, “Whatever.”

Or better yet, “Like, whatever.”

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