Words and Music

14 08 2007

I’ve been soliciting lists from a few people, but posting none of them, so I’ll just get started by posting my own. The others will surely show up eventually. Let me just qualify that these are favorites of the moment. The list is likely to change tomorrow.

The Music (in no particular order):

Beck, Mutations

Gillian Welch, Soul Journey

Red Stick Ramblers, Bring It On Down

Sugar Pie DiSanto, In the Basement

The Beatles, Rubber Soul

Bill Frisell, Unspeakable

I may feel a White Stripes binge coming on, but I can’t be sure…

The Words:

Primo Levi, The Periodic Table

Bernhard Schlink, The Reader

Michael Oren, Six Days of War

Sue Miller, Inventing the Abbotts

Did I mention Primo Levi?

I plan to spend a week on the beach in N. Carolina later this month, so here are my planned vacation reads:

Maggie Balistreri, The Evasion English Dictionary

Davis/Hersh, The Mathematical Experience

Tobias Wolff, The Barracks Thief

Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

Amy Tan, Saving Fish From Drowning

Mark Helprin, Freddy & Fredericka

Guns and Ammo magazine (just checking to see if you’re still awake…)




3 responses

15 08 2007

It’s “The Beatles”, not “The Beetles”. 🙂

16 08 2007

That’s some mighty fine reading and listening.

Mighty fine.

18 08 2007

Max Roach, Abby Lincoln, Coleman Hawkins, et alia,
We Insist

Miles Davis

Waylon Jennings
Leavin’ Town

The Mothers of Invention
We’re only in it for the money

John Prine
In spite of ourselves

Johnny Cash
Cash (the first of those four)

The list just goes on and on…………………………

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