Guinness – world records, not beer

14 08 2007

I don’t even have to reread that last entry to know how dull it was. It was so boring my fingers were going to sleep while I was typing it. So now, for something completely different, a few world records:

Consecutive hops on a pogo stick: Gary Steward, United States, 177,737 in 1990

Longest motorcycle ride through a tunnel of fire: Stephen Brown, Britain, 167.3 feet, 2003

Phone books torn in half in three minutes: Ed Shelton, United States, 55, each with 1,044 pages, in 2005

Longest time balancing on one foot: Arulanantha Suresh Joachim, Sri Lanka, 76 hour 40 minutes, 1997

And finally, fastest consumption of two pints of beer: Pete Dowdeswell, Britain, 2.3 seconds, 1975. Beer bong anyone?




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14 08 2007


14 08 2007

Actually, I thought the list post was a lot more interesting than this one, because it was more personal to you.

Oops, I inadvertently hit enter and left an aborted comment. Sorry. You can delete it.

I’m reading A Box of Matches, by Nicholas Baker, and it is excellent. Beautiful writing about ordinary life, and it’s often funny too.

14 08 2007
Mama w/Thor

Two pints of beer in 2.3 seconds? That’s nothing! I’m sure this was some fancy cup/glass or some type of beer bong? Well….I have one for you! Sit back and picture this…early 90s, Saturday night in Southeast Kansas, wanting to enjoy this great night with friends with a slight buzz. OK, maybe not slight. Take one can of beer holding it slightly horizontal to ground so you have an air pocket on the bottom side of your beer. Take your car keys (borrow…since of course you did not drive this evening) and poke a good sized guzzling hole in it; keep it tilted and place mouth over key hole and pull the pull tab and let her flow! I’m sure I drank 2 pints in 2.3 seconds!

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