Dumpster Diving – The Final Episode ’07

1 08 2007

This is the last day for moving your junk out if you’re a student tenant here in Lawrence. Time for a new round of humanity in the same old rental circuit. I made my final rounds with Dive Master Priscilla and we were rewarded only with a lone dice (die?), but I finally had a chance to interview a couple of fellow divers. Both were veterans, both interested in reducing humanity’s contribution to the landfill and possibly snagging a few handy items for their personal use. But I saw a number of pickups and trailers loaded with salvaged items, so this must have been the day when the serious rag pickers were out. I’m absolutely fascinated by the goods purchased and abandoned, as well as the odd assortment of items deemed valuable by the odd assortment of divers. It’s been an extraordinary week for people watching.

I’d love to know the economic impact of this annual student spin cycle. First of all, mop sales must have skyrocketed in the past week, judging from the number being abandoned. Then you would need to calculate the value of goods moving from original consumer to dumpster diver, and the financial gain for dumpster divers who collect items which they’ll later sell. Finally, I’m guessing that many of those students will turn to Mom or Dad for replacement of the goods abandoned in the alley. An accurate economic analysis of the entire cycle would be astounding.

 And, of course, the entertainment value of observing and participating in this annual event: priceless.




2 responses

1 08 2007
Dale Garrison, Liberty, Mo

Ah, college life. So close, yet so far…….

6 08 2007

For insight on the economics of moving day, see Leo, the rental troll at Cottin’s

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