Dumpster Diving, The Further Adventures

31 07 2007

As happens frequently these days, dinner conversation at Johnny’s Tavern this evening turned to the sport of dumpster diving. Thomas, with no prompting, mentioned that a client of his happened upon a child sized coffin while dumpster diving today. She inspected it immediately on discovery, but returned to load it into her small car only after several hours of contemplation. (One can only guess that curbside coffins aren’t in high demand, since no one else took it.) It was empty and she plans to keep it that way, though its actual function is still unclear at this time.

I, on the other hand, ran off and left the top half of a rather ornate hookah right where I found it at curbside. I was literally out for a run this morning when I slammed on the brakes at the sight of it, tubes akimbo, awaiting its new owner. With the humidity at 91% this morning, it didn’t take much to convince me to stop, but I just couldn’t see myself running the remaining two miles home with a hookah pipe under my arm.

 I’ll publish a full list of treasures after the season concludes on August 1, but I will say that it’s been a successful year for those seeking box fans. Priscilla Howe, Famous Storyteller, found three today, which we’ll clean up and donate to the charities who distribute them to the unfortunate folks without air conditioning.




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