Dumpster Diving

30 07 2007

I spent a few minutes thinking about the title for this entry, but realized that the words alone say it all. Or, as they mumble in alley lingo: “‘Nuff said”.

 I’ve had my first lesson with the Priscilla Howe School of Dumpster Diving and oh, what a class. This is move-out weekend for all the student tenants in town and I’ve observed that dumpster diving seems to be a recognized and acceptable sport – perhaps a soon-to-be Olympic sport. This activity has come up in a number of conversations across a range of social and economic classes over the past two or three months, and it seems that no self respecting Lawrencian has a problem with it. More than one local of some means, when questioned about the sport, has responded with, “You can furnish an entire house that way!”. So now I see…

The month is not yet out, so I will wait until later in the week to publish a loot list. (Walt, I know you’ll be pleased with that gallon of 10w-40 high performance motor oil.) However, for those of you who might be thinking of taking up the sport, let me recommend the following personal protection equipment: rubber gloves, miner’s headlamp, small flask with alcoholic sustenance, a barking cough and mysterious rash.

 More observations as the week progresses… 




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